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Canefield Trading

Canefield Trading is a value added importer and distributor of their own brands and products. These products are mainly aimed at (tele)communication. Because of our close connections with manufacturers and suppliers, we are able to deliver custom products and solutions for your business.

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About us

Canefield Trading

Canefield Trading, together we stand strong!

We are importer and distributor of a variaty of (own) brands and products. In seven years we build a big collective of active resellers in the Benelux.

Our goal is to bring a variaty of quality products to the market, that is interesting for resellers to sell and trade. Because of our good connections with our suppliers we are able to deliver custom products even with smaller orders, including our own software and functionalities.

Our customer group exists mostly out of telecom specialists, elderly care shops, office suppliers etc. Do you want to work with us and get the best offers? Do not hesitate to contact us!


Solid smart rugged phones

Hammer Rugged Phones

The company MyPhone from Poland is expanding the Hammer brand rapidly. Their goal is to deliver high quality ruggedized phones at affordable prices. In Eastern Europe the Hammer brand is already very well known. The Hammer series include simple GSM devices to high-end 4G/LTE smartphones. One of the things that Hammer distinguishes from their competitors is that all smartphones are Google GMS certified. In addition to the design of every phone, the packaging is also eye-catching. All these things together make the Hammer brand very suitable to be sold in your store! For the Netherlands and Belgium we have become the official Hammer distributor since begin 2018. Are you interested to become a Hammer reseller? Do not hesitate to contact us for further information!

Rugged phones with modern specs

Evolveo Rugged Phones

Evolveo from the Czech Republic was established in 2005. The purpose of this company was clear: deliver relevant and high-quality electronics at an acceptable price. Over the years this approach has been successful and the products of Evolveo are sold in more and more countries. For the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany we are the official distributor of Evolveo. Our focus is mainly on ruggedized phones (IP68). However, the range of Evolveo is much more extensive and of course, all Evolveo products can be purchased through our company.

Targeted and accessible


Doro is a Swedish manufacturer of telecom related products focused on the senior people. Because the products have a very high quality standard and can be controlled on an intuitive way, Doro distinguishes its products from the mass suppliers. Together with the Doro products we sell also the Primo (by Doro) line. These products have the same high Doro quality standards but are offered at the low and mid-range pricing level.

Our own customized brand


Under our own brand EasySaver we sell multiple products which do excel because of their simplicity, quality and functionality. Main example is our EasySaver 8848 which is currently used a lot by elderly people, nursery homes, companies and hotels. With this product you are able to connect a standard analogue phone to the mobile network. Therefore a fixed phone line will no longer be needed. With special developed software we can extend the features with for example white- and blacklisting, follow me, direct number dialing, least cost routing and so on.


Smart Screen Solutions

A new brand on the European market for monitor mounts and related products is our own Smart Screen Solutions. The reason why we introduced the monitor mounts in our offer is very simple: we found out that there was a lack of high quality screen and monitor mounts for an acceptable price. Home and business users are using more and more monitors and other screens, like tablets and smartphones. A good solution to mount them in an ergonomic way is absolutely necessary. Smart Screen Solutions offers an excellent solution for everybody who is looking for a well-designed, easy to use and high quality product at a very pleasant price level!

Best price

Best purchase price IPhone

As a telecom reseller you are always trying to find the best purchase price for your iPhones. The way traditional distributors work is packed with financial risks. This will automatically lead to higher prices for you as a reseller. But there is a better way: We have another workaround and therefore bring you the best offers for the newest iPhone models. All of the phones we deliver are EU/NL models so there won’t be any problems in case you need to do a warranty claim.

Do you want to work with us and get the best offers for iPhone? Do not hesitate to contact us!

For everybody

Custom products

Some of our clients do have the need for special customized products based on their own specifications. Therefore Canefield Trading creates together with reliable manufacturers exactly the product the client is looking for. Examples are a digital peephole viewer, a cheap but high quality wired motor intercom headset and an SOS alarmpanel which is used by shops, companies and seniors.


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